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Commercial design varies minimally from residential design so far as intent. However the scale often, but not always, is greater. The attention to high levels of detail in the commercial project is often much less because it is taken in at a greater speed than a strictly pedestrian environment. The commercial project often may be experienced from more exclusive perspectives as well as necessitating greater provisions and/or restrictions for the automobile and parking.

Since the commercial purchase is more of a bottom-line one than the emotional purchase in residential landscape architecture, budget cuts often limit what can practically be implemented. On the other hand, more often money and detail is being placed into some of the higher density residential urban ventures and modern office parks. JSA is well equipped to handle most any commercial planning need that arises.


Construction Detailing

Construction Detailing provides clarity for a client who needs more detail on how something is actually built than is available from a simple plan view. JSA offers construction detailing on their planning projects that clarifies exactly how the minutia of the parts fit together. This helps the client and construction team interpret the proposed layout to complete the project with the desired results. However, with the design-build format, construction detailing is not always necessary, but is always available.

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