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Custom Fencing & Screening, Arbors & Trellises

Fencing and screening can provide privacy as well as a vertical element to each project. Arbors and trellises allow a structure to train additional vegetation to ornament and add life to both a vertical element and a degree of “ceiling” in the landscape.

Drainage Issues

Water problems are guaranteed in any landscape project if not addressed from the beginning of the project. Much of our work consists of retrofitting jobs where these details were overlooked by the builder, homeowner, or inexperienced landscaper.

Planting and Irrigation

Great planting design and maintenance completes great architecture. Likewise, great architectural and landscape architectural construction enhances great planting with functionality and interaction. Unless specifically minimalist in design, neither is as beautiful and heightening to the senses on its own. Where there are plantings, there needs to be a constant and accessible source of water. JSA provides planting and irrigation design and installation for all of its construction projects when budget allows. We also try to introduce native species into the projects whenever appropriate to more frugally spend the water budget.

Driveways Vehicular Parking Courts

So much of today’s architecture must be specifically designed with practical provisions for the automobile. Because these spaces and accesses occupy such a central element of each project, they should be designed and built with as much attention to detail and aesthetics as possible.

Outbuildings Pool Houses Cabanas

Outbuildings serve as areas of congregating and entertaining for the overall home and landscape. It may be a pool house, cabana, garden screen house, barn, detached garage, garden shed or any supplemental structure to the home. JSA can provide conceptual and/or detailed designs for this type of project as well as building the chosen structure.

Outdoor Fireplaces & Fire Pits

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits extend our outdoor living season a month or two on each end of the summer and spring. They provide an interesting “hearth” for warm interaction and fun for friends and family.

Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens provide a central functional area to any landscape. Most everyone enjoys the taste and fun of an outdoor meal. Outdoor kitchens add ease and convenience to these events while they remain set up and available for the next event. The beauty of their construction enhances any landscape renovation or addition.

Outdoor Lighting

As the warmth of fire extends the seasonal use of a landscape, outdoor lighting extends the functionality and use of the property on a daily basis. A beautifully landscaped garden becomes even more dazzling at night when properly lit. It will take on an entirely different aura as various elements are highlighted with the proper illumination.

Patios Decks Sidewalks Courtyards

A vast array of paving stones and other materials are available for the stepping off places provided by patios, decks, and sidewalks to enjoy the garden or to function as an “outdoor room” addition. They also function as links between buildings and other planted areas of the landscape or garden.

Retaining Walls & Freestanding Enclosures

Few Atlanta sites are flat enough to not require some sort of retaining wall. They act to either minimize the erosive capacity of rainfall or provide for immediate and slight transitions from one level to the next. The smaller the sloped site, the greater effect a wall has for allowing maximized use of the site. Freestanding walls are also used to create outdoor rooms and enclosures in the garden as well as privacy.

Sunrooms Screen Porches Garden Screenhouses

Garden rooms come in many sizes and shapes. They are only limited by the imagination. They can be attached to the home or be more integral to the landscape and garden as a freestanding structure.

Wrought Iron Fencing & Gates

Architectural cast and wrought ironwork has served as an important form of ornamentation for hundreds of years. Its use is notable in several geographic areas and historical periods of architecture across the globe. In spite of the more economical enclosures available today, nothing stands the test of time quite like a well-designed piece of ironwork. The design possibilities are endless, and the ornamentation that such lends to the landscape is phenomenal. JSA attempts to integrate some sort of ironwork in almost all of its designs whenever appropriate. Such is truly an investment more than an expense.

Residential Garden Design

Obviously lifestyle must dictate the expansive garden design practice. What’s good for an empty nester will not be the same as for a family with 5 children under the age of 10. Need and function should be your top consideration. It does not have to dominate the long-term implementation. The residential garden design process should allow for growth and long term goals. Life is a movie not a snapshot. Planning can allow for this chronological progression with longer term transformations of varying space that doesn’t require an entire do-over. So, establish first initial needs and goals and weigh them against long-term goals, weaving them together in a format that will benefit the user/owner and his budget.

Commercial Landscape Design

Commercial design varies minimally from residential design so far as intent. However the scale often, but not always, is greater. The attention to high levels of detail in the commercial project is often much less because it is taken in at a greater speed than a strictly pedestrian environment. The commercial project often may be experienced from more exclusive perspectives as well as necessitating greater provisions and/or restrictions for the automobile and parking.

Construction Detailing

Construction Detailing provides clarity for a client who needs more detail on how something is actually built than is available from a simple plan view. JSA offers construction detailing on their planning projects that clarifies exactly how the minutia of the parts fit together. This helps the client and construction team interpret the proposed layout to complete the project with the desired results. However, with the design-build format, construction detailing is not always necessary, but is always available.

Pool Design

Even if a client may be contracting with a specific pool company to install a swimming pool, JSA is better equipped to see the big picture of citing, circulation, enclosure, and its interrelation to the remainder of the site. We offer this service in either a design only or a design-build format.

Outbuilding & Pool House Design

Outbuildings serve as areas of congregating and entertaining for the overall home and landscape. It may be a pool house, cabana, garden screen house, barn, detached garage, garden shed or any supplemental structure to the home. JSA can provide conceptual and/or detailed designs for this type of project as well as building the chosen structure.

Circulation Design

Proper, functional and aesthetic circulation is critical to any successful design. It could be circular layout for roads, drives, parking, and drop-offs. Or it could be pedestrian circulation that logically and aesthetically connects nodes of personal use. It is more than a straight line from point A to point B and should interact successfully with the entire project and fit the needs of its users.

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